Entry nominations close 6:00pm, Sunday 21st July 2024. Entries received after this date/time will not be accepted under any circumstances.

An invoice for the tournament entry fee will be sent to you via email or SMS by the QBSA Treasurer on submission of your entry nomination. Please note that the entry fee must be paid no later than 6:00pm, Monday 22th July 2024.  Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your entry nomination.

Dress Code:

Matches up until the semi-finals – dress code includes leather dress shoes, business suit style trousers, a QBSA affiliate club / QBSA / ABSC affiliate snooker branded polo shirt, plain polo shirt (no bright colours) or a long-sleeved collared button up business shirt. Other branded polo shirts will not be accepted (eg. pool or work related).

Semi finals and Finals – full tournament dress is required to be worn. This includes leather dress shoes, business suit style trousers, long-sleeved collared button up business shirt, vest and bowtie.


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Indemnity Statement

  1. I have read and understand the Tournament Conditions  for the event (https://www.qldbilliardsandsnooker.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Tournament-Conditions.pdf)
  2. All participants enter at their own risk. None of the QBSA, the venue, the sponsors, nor the organisers shall be responsible for any loss, injury or misadventure arising.
  3. I have read and understood the above and I am conversant with the ABSC Players Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy.
  4. I agree to abide by all decisions of the Tournament Director in relation to this tournament.
  5. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1st January 2021, and found on the Sports Integrity Australia website: (https://www.sportintegrity.gov.au/what-we-do/anti-doping/world-anti-doping-code/australian-national-anti-doping-policy) being the anti-doping policy adopted by the ABSC and applicable to all members, participants and non-participants.
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